Customers of Weiler Engineering Corporation benefit from our ability to seamlessly integrate the latest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Internet GIS & Mapping, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Remote Sensing (RS) technologies. These technologies aid and support them with improved decision-making related to a wide variety of civil engineering projects, planning, and resource management.

Using these capabilities, we are able to coordinate our customers’ site specific project plans and map data together with the most current information and map data that is available from the County, SWFWMD, FDEP, FDOT, USGS, EPA, FEMA, and others.

And, this process allows us to identify potential engineering design and/or permitting problems in the early stages of a project so they can be resolved cost-effectively. We like saving time and money for our clients!

WEC offers a full range of GIS and GPS services including project consulting, geospatial data collection, geodatabase design, GIS processing and spatial analysis, application development, and web-based solutions.

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