Weiler Engineering Corporation has a long standing reputation for excellence in Structural Engineering in Southwest Florida and the Florida Keys. Every hurricane season our structural work gets “real world” tested, and repeatedly has stood up to devastating hurricanes while sustaining relatively minor damage.

Our capabilities and experience include structural design and engineering services for leading resort developers in the Florida Keys. [see the drop-down above for details on some of our projects]

WEC provides structural engineering and analysis for a number of Residential Homebuilders; including more than 30 local builders in Charlotte, Sarasota, Desoto, and Monroe Counties. We benefit from a long standing, positive working relationship with the building departments where we live and work, which in turn benefits our clients and their projects.

In the Commercial Development sector, WEC provides structural engineering services; including office buildings, warehouses, aircraft hangers, dry dock storage facilities, marinas, docks, and seawalls. WEC also provides bridge analysis and inspection, as well as custom projects, such as the design of large commercial travel lifts for marinas.

We are happy to collaborate with you on projects of any size! Contact Us